The assessment

The Assessment

If you have read the 'Students' page, you should have a good idea of what Morrisby Online does. Here is an overview of the test structure.


The psychometric profile within Morrisby Online includes timed assessments of:

  • Verbal Reasoning (Two Parts)

  • Numerical Reasoning (Two Parts)

  • Abstract Reasoning (Two Parts)

  • Mechanical Reasoning

  • Spatial Reasoning

Plus untimed questionnaires measuring:

  • Career Interests

  • Personality Type

  • Study Interests (optional)

  • Work Values (optional)


The results of these are presented as a profile showing individual strengths and direction of those strengths. This is coupled with the multiple-choice career interest questionnaire and the personality questionnaire to give you personalised potential career and study paths.


The whole process takes around 105 minutes, depending on how much time is taken for the examples that precede the marked test questions (we don't suggest skipping the examples to get more time - you may make an error that affects that entire test section if you don't properly pay attention to how you should answer the questions).

Below, you can see pages from a sample report to give you an idea of what the results of these assessment will look like.

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