Career suggestions

Career Suggestions


The student's unique profile is analysed against more than 600 careers and the closest matches are highlighted for further investigation. They can be 'favourited' by the student or replaced with closer matches. Any qualification discrepancies are shown and students may change the highest level of qualification they expect. This illustrates to students how important their school qualifications are in achieving their goals and career aspirations.

Focus On Aspects of Student's Profile


Students can choose to focus on particular aspects of their career profile: aptitudes, interests, talents, and personality. By changing these options the career suggestions will be updated to reflect the student's preferences.

Raising Aspirations with

The What-If Tool

The What-If tool encourages students to see which careers become available to them if they reach the next qualification level or decide to complete an apprenticeship.

Based on the student's selected current qualification level, what-if scenarios for the next highest qualification level are presented. When a student tries one of these scenarios, the career suggestions will change, and highlight new careers that become available.

Careers Information


Students can click on and explore each career to view extensive information including related/similar careers within Morrisby and external links to a range of information.

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