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Career pathways

made easy

The Morrisby Profile is a powerful career guidance counselling instrument.

We offer a comprehensive assessment process specifically designed to help make career decisions - to help you discover a career path that's right for who you are.

A Morrisby Profile provides you with an interactive online tool which which summarises your strengths, your career interests and some aspects of your personality. This information is blended to provide career suggestions for discussion with your Morrisby qualified career practitioner.

Career Analysts is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the Morrisby Organisation - the UK's leading provider of vocational guidance assessments to secondary schools and the adult guidance sector.


A careers practitioner, working with the rich and objective information in your Morrisby Profile, has much of the information they (and you) need to help you in making the right decisions about study and career options.


The Australian version of the Morrisby Profile has been available since March 2003 and some 550 schools now (2021)  use it in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. It is also used in New Zealand


Career Analysts provides the Morrisby Profile to appropriately qualified careers staff at schools/colleges and a network of independent careers practitioners. Certification is required to use the Morrisby Profile for career guidance.

In 2021 Career Analysts started to provide two other products from Morrisby. A questionnaire only assessment (Morrisby Careers) and a whole career education planning and management (Morrisby Tracker).

Morrisby is an impartial decision making companion.
All important decision points are covered with our login-for-life.

Choices we help with


Career suggestions, information, career requirements and routes to careers.

Options at 13/14

Start considering career paths and understand how current choices shape your future.

Options at 16

Senior school subject suggestions, Apprenticeship and Traineeship suggestions.

Options at 18

University courses, Apprenticeships/Traineeships - TAFE education, full time work.


Pathway planning, helping keep options open, and interviews.

Career Analysts is the Australian distributor for The Morrisby Organisation, who set and manage Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Data Retention, Data Protection, Quality Service & Ethics and ensure compliance with UK GDPR regulations.