Management features

Management Features


Morrisby prides itself on the support it offers advisers and careers coordinators. Advisers can monitor their student's progress, check selections, email students and download reports.

Student Management
The candidates page allows teachers/advisers to view and manage all of their students. The student's status can be viewed, and various administrative functions are available. Reports can be viewed, and the teacher/adviser can also access the student's account.
Reporting & Summary Statistics
Managers are able to view detailed and summary reports for individual students as well as downloading batch reports for entire groups.
A statistics package is also available to view group information such as which are the most popular careers. (See image.)
Interview System
To aid the careers feedback and interview process, Morrisby has an Interview template system. This feature ensures that the student fills in a short survey before their interview, and then provides a feedback outline to aid the interviewer. To find out more please get in contact.
View Students Account
Morrisby Manager gives teachers/advisers the facility to be able to login to the student site as if you were the student themselves. This proves useful when working through the site with individuals or to get a better understanding of exactly what the student is seeing in their account.
Students data 'ages out' from school access after students finish Year 12.

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