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Transfer a student to your organisation

New students to your organisation can transfer their existing Morrisby account (should they have one) using a transfer code. Due to GDPR and our data policy, Morrisby requires students to transfer their account themselves. You may contact us to request a transfer code. Once we have generated this for you it is saved in Manager in Settings > Organisation Information > Transfer Codes. Pass it on to the student and ask them to follow the instructions below: Log into your Morrisby account Click on the Settings cog at the top right of the screen Select 'School Transfer'

How do I release students' results?

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Students' tab Select the appropriate Year from the 'Select Group' drop-down list Select the appropriate student(s) or the whole year group (using the checkboxes) Select 'Unlock Results' from the 'Actions' drop-down list Students can now log in to their account to view their results

Finding a Morrisby registration code

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the Settings cog Scroll down in 'Organisation Information' to the heading 'Student registration Codes' If logins have been pre-paid, you will also see the remaining number of credits

Activating aptitudes

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Students' tab Use the 'Select Group' drop-down to select the appropriate year group Select students individually, or select the whole group by using the checkbox at the top of the list of names Select 'Activate Aptitudes' in the 'Actions' drop-down When the students next log in, they will be taken to the Profiler/assessments screen

Creating groups in Morrisby Manager

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Settings' cog at top right Then select 'Groups' in the menu and 'Add Group' on the right Enter the group's name Enter a Group Code (the 4 letters prefixed is your centre ID) Choose the type of group from the drop-down Click 'Save Changes' then 'Back to Groups'

Allow a student to re-take part of the assessment

Please be aware that by taking the following steps you will permanently delete the student's current results for the selected assessment/s Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Students' tab Search for the student then select their name Select 'Reset Assessments' in the 'Actions' drop-down on the right Select the appropriate test(s) to be re-taken and click on the 'Reset' button Click 'OK' in the dialog box that appears Advise the student to log in to their account to re-take the test(s)

Assign students to a group

Once you have created a group here's how to assign students to it: Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Students' Select the students you want to assign to the group Select 'Assign to Group' in the 'Actions' drop-down Select the group you wish to assign the students to Click 'Assign' to complete the move

A student has forgotten their login

If the student knows which email address they used to register at, they can retrieve their password using 'Forgotten Login' on the login screen at Alternatively, you can give them an Account Recovery Code to allow them immediate access to their account: Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Students' and find the student who has forgotten their login Select their name then in the 'Actions' drop-down select 'Create recovery Codes' Select 'Generate' in the 'Generate Recovery Codes' dialog window To find the recovery code select the student's name in the list of students Select 'Recovery Code' to reveal a 10 character code Give the code to the student If required you can also create multiple recovery codes for a group of students, downloadable as a CSV file. Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Students' and select the names of the students you need In the 'Actions' drop-down select 'Create recovery Codes' Select 'Generate' in the 'Generate Recovery Codes' dialog window Go back to the 'Actions' drop-down and select 'Downloads' Select the radio button 'Student details' Select 'Download' A CSV file will be created Open the file to find the unique recovery code for each student Recovery codes expire after 14 days If a student remembers their login details, they will still be able to log in normally, despite a recovery code having been created

Assign a teacher or adviser to a group

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Settings' at the top right of the screen Select 'Staff Users' Select 'Add Staff' Enter the teacher's or adviser's name, email address and job title Select if you would like them to have access to 'All Students', or Access to Students in specified groups' Select the teacher's or adviser's role Select 'Save Changes' An email will be sent to the address entered with instructions on how to set a password To assign the teacher or adviser to a specific group take the following actions: In 'Settings' select 'Groups' In the list of groups which displays select the relevant group In the Group details click into the 'Group Advisers' box and select the teacher or adviser from the drop-downlist of names Select 'Save Changes' The group the teacher or adviser has been assigned to will display in 'Staff Users' in the 'Student groups' column

How to edit the subject lists in Options at 14 and Options at 16

Here's how to tailor the subjects that display to your students in 'Options at 14' and 'Options at 16': Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Settings' cog at the top right then select 'Subjects' Choose which subject list you wish to amend from the qualification drop-down Remove any subjects you don't want displayed to your students by un-ticking the box in the column headed 'Show on Page' Add subtitles to any subjects if you wish to reflect the courses your school offers

How to access a student's report in Morrisby Manager

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Students' tab Find and select the relevant student in the list Select the type of report you want to download from the 'Reports' drop-down Select 'Download' at the bottom of the dialog box to download the report as a pdf To download the reports for multiple students at the same time find and select all relevant students in the list Select 'Generate Reports' from the 'Actions' drop-down In the dialog box select the type of report you want to download Give the batch of reports a name if you wish by editing the date that displays Select 'Generate' Go to 'Reports' to download the reports

Accessing the vocabulary test

You can set up a profiling session so that the vocabulary test is compulsory for all your EAL students. Here's how to set this up: Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Settings' cog then 'Profiling Sequence' Scroll down to select 'Vocabulary test is compulsory for EAL Students' The vocabulary test will automatically be included as the final part of the assessment for these students. Alternatively, if you haven't set the vocabulary test up in advance you can activate it for the relevant students once the assessment session has started. Here's how to do this: Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Students' In the list of student names select all those students with an ESL flag in the column headed 'Alert' Select 'Activate Vocab Test' in the 'Actions' drop-down In the dialog box that displays select 'Activate' Check that ESL in the 'Alert' column is now flagged 'Vocab Active': The vocabulary test will automatically be added as the student's final assessment. If a student has already completed the assessment session without the vocabulary test, it can still be activated using the same method in the 'Students' area of Morrisby Manager. In this case, on the next login, the student will see the vocabulary test as the final assessment. A student can voluntarily complete the vocabulary test as follows: The student logs into their Morrisby account Select About Me > Aptitudes Select 'Take the Vocabulary Test' on the right-hand side of the screen

Using Morrisby across multiple year groups: registration codes

Log in to Morrisby Manager Your organisation's registration codes are on the Home page, under the heading 'Getting Started'. They can also be located in 'Settings'. The Profile (aptitudes) code is for students in Year 10 onwards (usually from summer term of Year 10) The Aspirations (pre-aptitudes) code is for younger students from Year 8 upwards

Switching on the interview template system

Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the 'Settings' cog Select 'Profile interview' Switch the interview templates on Once you have switched on the template system, you can customise the text on the 'Interview Introduction' page of a student's account by editing the text under the heading 'Interview Introduction' SAVE any changes When students log in, your customised introduction will appear in' Profile Interview' on the ' Introduction' tab

How to access a student's results

Log in to Manager Select 'Students' and find your student in the list Select the head and shoulders icon to access their account Alternatively, if you have already selected the student's name in the list to view their details you may access their account by selecting 'Impersonate'

How can I create and assign forms to an activity?

Forms are available to Tracker customers only. Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Tracker' then 'Forms' To start a new form from scratch click 'New Form' If you prefer you can scroll down and copy one of our library forms which gives you a template you can edit Edit your form by giving it a title, introduction, and adding questions Each question has a title, optional question notes, and an optional pre-filled answer Once you have added questions, you can reorder them if you wish Click 'Preview' to view the form as a student would Once you have finished editing your form the next step is to assign it to an activity as follows: Select 'Planned Activities' then select 'Create Activity' Follow the instructions to create the activity in 'Basic Details' onwards In 'Activity Resources' choose your form from the drop-down list Then select 'Save & Assign Students' to complete the activity

I've forgotten my Morrisby Manager login

Select 'Log In' at Click 'Forgotten Login' Enter your email address and click 'Submit' You will receive an email immediately containing a link to reset your password Follow the instructions on the email in order to regain access

Set up a Morrisby assessment session

For advice on setting up a Morrisby assessment session please read the appropriate administration guide. Log in to Morrisby Manager Select the Morrisby Profile (Aptitudes) or Morrisby Careers (Aspirations) administration guide depending on the type of session you are preparing for

A student has registered twice on Morrisby. What should I do?

Please contact Morrisby to request the deletion of the duplicate account, stating the name and date of birth of the student. We will normally delete the account in which the assessment has not been started.

Please note we invoice schools for completed assessments only.

Changing a student's year

A student's year group is automatically calculated using the date of birth they enter on initial sign up. It is adjusted incrementally at the beginning of each academic year. If a student's year group is incorrect, this can be updated via Morrisby Manager: Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Students' Find the student whose year group needs correcting Click on their name to show their full details Select the pencil to edit their year group In the dialog window that opens select the correct academic year and click 'OK'

How to reset a student's aptitude assessments

In the event that a student needs to re-take any of the aptitude assessments, you can organise this from within your Morrisby Manager account. Log in to Morrisby Manager Select 'Students' and find the student who needs an assessment(s) reset Tick the student's name then select 'Reset Assessments' in the 'Actions' drop-down In the dialog window that opens select the assessments you want to reset and click 'Reset': A warning will appear to confirm you want to permanently delete the results for the selected assessment(s) Select 'OK' to proceed with the reset Click on the student's name in the student list to check the assessments have been reset; they are displayed within the student's details in the Aptitudes Profile area

How can students share their results with a parent?

A student may invite a parent/guardian to view their results. The process involves the parent creating their own Morrisby account which gives them access to view the student's Morrisby account but not to make any changes to it. Here are the instructions for a student to give their parent access to their results: Log in to your Morrisby account On the Home page enter your parent's name and email address in the 'Parental Access' section Then select 'Invite' The parent is sent an automatic email with instructions and a link to click on; the link expires after 7 days. The student can return at any point and remove the parent's access if they wish.