After 50+ years of operation, the paper version of the Morrisby Profile is no longer available, having been superseded by the online platform in mid 2020.

The Morrisby Report is a powerful career guidance counselling instrument.


We offer a comprehensive assessment process specifically designed to help make career decisions - to help you discover a career path that's right for who you are.

A Morrisby Report provides you with a 20 page personalised report which identifies your strengths, your career interests and some aspects of your personality. This information is blended to provide career suggestions for discussion with your Morrisby qualified career practitioner.

What we do


Career Analysts is the Australian and New Zealand distributor for the Morrisby Organisation - the UK's leading provider of vocational guidance tests to secondary schools and the adult guidance sector.


Career Analysts specialise in helping people make decisions about their career and study options through the use of psychometric testing.


Psychometric (Greek: psychos = mind, mental, spirit; metros = measure) testing provides reliable, objective information on you as a person and helps you make the right decisions for your future.


The process used by Career Analysts has been developed by The Morrisby Organisation specifically for careers guidance. It involves:


a) completing a questionnaire telling us about your interests and willingness to study;

b) sitting a series (or Battery) of ability / performance tests that gives us the information on your strengths.


Following the testing, a personalised computer generated 20 page report (the Morrisby Report) is produced. This includes 12 carefully considered careers suggestions for discussion.


A careers adviser, working with the rich and objective information in your Morrisby Report, has much of the information they (and you) need to help you in making the right decisions about study and career options.

The Morrisby Report is particularly widely used in the private school sector for students between the ages of 15 and 18 for subject, course and career choice.


The Australian version of the Morrisby Report has been available since March 2003 and some 20 schools now use it in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania and South Australia.

In 2014 the Morrisby Profile system (online) was developed and this is used by approximately 550 schools.


Career Analysts provides the Morrisby Report to appropriately qualified careers staff at schools/colleges and a network of independent careers counsellors. We hold monthly testing sessions in Melbourne so if you'd like to get involved just contact a Morrisby trained career adviser who will organise this for you.

To find out the details of independent careers advisers near you who are trained to work with the Morrisby Report click on the Find A Career Analyst menu button above.

Career Analysts is the Australian distributor for The Morrisby Organisation, who set and manage Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Data Retention, Data Protection, Quality Service & Ethics and ensure compliance with GDPR regulations for the Morrisby Profile.