The Morrisby Report

The Morrisby Report 

After 50+ years of operation, the paper version of the Morrisby Profile is no longer available, having been superseded by the online platform in mid 2020.

The Morrisby Report provides much of the information needed to make important decisions about the future. 
It presents:
  • a profile of the individuals ability structure and level
  • learning style, problem solving style
  • some aspects of personality
  • career interests (the MCQ or Morrisby Careers Questionnaire)
  • 12 careers suggestions plus a range of associated suggestions
The selection of the career suggestions is a complex process built and refined over several years, making this a sensitive system. It is as close to an ‘expert system’ as is available for careers guidance.

A Morrisby Report is easy to read and focuses on strengths. It builds a picture of the individuals talents, potential and preferences. Access to objective information is valuable in guidance as it lessens the emphasis on the individual having an accurate self perception, a clear view of their strengths, and a clear understanding of the world of work when discussing career options.


The report is provided in hardcopy but access to a personal space on the website gives access to additional features including links to on-line career information sources and, for those about to apply for tertiary education, a study interests questionnaire.

The Morrisby Report 

The Morrisby Report is a test battery developed specifically for careers guidance. It is composed of 12 tests, 8 measuring abilities and 4 measuring personal style. Together these provide an objective view of your talents as they relate to work. The tests include:


  • General reasoning ability; or how you deal with new problems

  • Verbal ability; or how you comprehend the meaning of everyday words

  • Numerical ability; or how you deal with information presented numerically

  • Perceptual ability; or how you understand diagrammatic information

  • Spatial ability; or how good you are at visualising things in three dimensions

  • Mechanical ability; or how you understand simple mechanical ideas.

The Morrisby Report uses the concept of differential ability. This holds that the pattern of an individuals ability is an important ingredient in identifying careers which suit the individual.
Differential ability focuses on relative strengths and what kind of ability rather than how much ability an individual has.
Those planning to get a Morrisby Report on themselves should visit the Morrisby website and complete the practice questions, so they understand the types of questions they will be completing at the test session.

The Morrisby Careers Questionaire


The Morrisby Careers Questionnaire measures interest in 49 separate occupational areas, described under 11 broad headings. These sit under a general structure of interest working with People, Information, and Things. See the structure below or refer to a sample report - Page 14. 

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