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Next Testing Dates
- for the paper and pencil version of Morrisby

Next testing dates and locations
Bennetswood Neighbourhood House,
7 Greenwood St., Burwood
Contact : Barry Darnell
03 9752 6350
Next test dates: 
Testing is on a Sunday about every 6 weeks - starting from early February
10am start - finished by 1.15 pm
Contact : Emma Goodsir
0422 537627
Email Emma
Receiving your report after the test...

Morrisby Reports are not sent to individuals - only to Morrisby trained career advisers - so make sure you know who you will be working with before booking a place at a test session. If you don't have a Morrisby Accredited career adviser to work with - find one here.

While the report may seem straightforward to read, remember it is no more than information on you and is computer generated. Discussing it with a Morrisby trained adviser is very likely to offer worthwhile additional insights.

What to expect at test sessions




Test sessions at the weekend are generally between 3 and 5 people.




This is a performance test but it is not knowledge based so there is not much you can do to prepare - other than make sure you are rested on the day and have completing the Practice Questions 


You also need to complete the Morrisby Careers Questionnaire. This multiple choice interest questionnaire takes most people around 20-30 minutes. There will be spare copies at the test session so if you haven’t received one via your career adviser you can complete it on the day.


It is important not to be late. We start on time and the first test is 30 minutes - so if you miss the start of this you will either need to complete it at the end of the session - or more likely miss the entire session.


All pencils etc. are provided so the only things you need bring with you are your completed Morrisby Careers Questionnaire (if you have it) and reading glasses if you need them.





People arrive, register (and pay if they are paying on the day rather than via school or a career adviser) then choose a seat. They then wait for the session to start, complete the MCQ if necessary, talk to others who are waiting etc.


The tables are set out like a classroom. You won’t be asked to say anything or introduce yourself.


The tests range in length from 30 mins. to just a few seconds but most are around 10 minutes. All tests are timed with a stopwatch. 


There is time for questions before each test and although it is a performance test the atmosphere is quite relaxed. 


There is a break about half way through and tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided during the break along with biscuits – but if you’d like something else feel free to bring it along.


As the testing is run using a stopwatch, everyone finishes at the same time. This is usually within 5 minutes of 1.10pm.