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How We Help

The Morrisby Profile is an assessment tool for determining how strengths, interests, and personality can help direct students toward appropriate career paths.

We help guide students to make informed choices about their future. Unlike most career guidance systems, the Morrisby Profile does not simply structure and feed back the information you have provided. The key benefit of a Morrisby Profile is that it objectively measures strengths and the career directions in which these strengths point.

Morrisby can help in a number of situations, including:

  • Self discovery helps students understand themselves and the sort of options that will suit them.

  • When a student doesn't know which subjects to pick, Morrisby's study suggestions will give ideas.

  • When there is a concern that a student's desired career or study choices might not suit them then Morrisby's impartiality and objectivity helps with the decision making.

  • Boosting motivation by providing a career goal and what is required to achieve it.

Is a Morrisby Profile worth it?

The Morrisby Report, and its modern iteration, the Morrisby Profile, have been used for career guidance for more than 50 years and have helped hundreds of thousands of people with their career journey. Careers advisers, parents, and students consistently say that they find the results are accurate and are helpful in the career decision making process. Australianised versions of the Morrisby products have been available since March 2003 and the Morrisby Profile (the online version) was introduced in 2014. In 2019 approximately 590 schools across Australia will be using Morrisby with their entire year group. Many additional schools will test some students and a number of independent career advisers also offer the Morrisby Profile direct to clients.

How can I get access for my child?

You can start by asking your child's school when they offer the Morrisby Profile. If your child's school does not offer Morrisby, you can arrange for access and feedback from a career adviser. Please note that a Morrisby Profile is not available without a personal follow-up discussion with a qualified career adviser who can interpret the data with the appropriate breadth and depth of career knowledge their position requires. 

How can I view my child's results?

Morrisby includes a Parental Access feature to provide parents and guardians access to their child's account. A student can create an "invite" for parental access from the Planner page within their account. Once a parent has accepted the invitation they will be able to view their child's account.

Do people go into the jobs you suggest?

People go into jobs for all sorts of different reasons - background, opportunity and luck can play a big part. However, that being said, we have conducted surveys that suggest that around 85% of school students go into one of the careers suggested.

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