Service, Quality and Ethics

Mission Statement

  • To be leaders in psychometric assessment for career development, by the provision of services, materials and skills that lead the field in terms of effectiveness, fairness and value.

  • To offer a responsive, quality driven service, which gives full value to our customers, governed by the highest professional standards.  

  • To provide clients with the training and on-going support to use our services with confidence and efficiency.

  • To ensure that those who use our assessments and services acquire an increase in self awareness, and improved decision making about their future.



  • To continue to deliver quality products, periodically reviewed against feedback and evaluation surveys.

  • To adapt current products and to develop new products that reflect the needs of customers in a changing guidance environment.   

  • To ensure that those who administer our testing services are trained to an appropriate standard.

  • To maintain our psychometric tests to the rigorous standards required by the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) through continual refinement and evaluation.

  • To ensure our customers and clients have appropriate support in order to maximise the use of our products

  • To widen accessibility to TMO systems and products through assessment innovation and increased integration between the provision of information, guidance and advice.

  • To continue to improve our Quality Management System and ensure that it complies with the British Standard BS EN ISO 9001.  An external audit is carried out annually for certification.

  • To maintain and continue to improve our matrix Accreditation, which is reviewed annually by matrix assessors.



a) Accessibility

  • Fairness:  TMO products aim to be fair with regard to such aspects as social background, gender, race and age.

  • Web access:  TMO websites are developed to be appropriate to the target audience with respect to reading age, format, etc.

  • Browser accessibility:  Our websites are developed to W3C standards.

b) Accuracy - Information Resources:

(Includes general and occupational information; useful contact and professional organisation addresses; further information resource listings;  course listings.)

  • General reference, occupational information, contact and organisation addresses, resource listings are checked and reviewed annually.

  • Course listings are updated annually and maintained as appropriate.

  • Complies with equal opportunities with regard to discrimination on grounds of sex, race, age, disability.

  • Ensures that all information is objective and impartial.

  • Further sources of information: no more than 3 years old and, in exceptional circumstances, up to 5 years old with a ‘health warning’ displayed.

  • Address details are updated and checked for suitability and relevance to occupational information.

  • Information that is externally resourced will be covered by this Policy Document. TMO reserves the right not to display information that does not meet its requirements.

c) Security:

  • All personal data is held in accordance with our entry in the Data Protection register.

  • Data is backed-up to avoid loss in case of disaster.

  • All personal data, including backups, is stored in the UK.

  • All data held in non-secure locations is encrypted using 256-bit AES.

  • Online services are protected by two levels of firewalls.

  • Private passwords are salted and hashed.


Customer Charter/Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • TMO will only supply psychological test materials to registered users who have completed appropriate training. Following appropriate training, TMO undertake to offer additional free support in the form of refresher training, and support by telephone and email. It is our policy not to supply materials to consultants who are operating outside their field of competence and/or the scope of the instruments supplied. TMO also recognise and endorse the Code of Good Practice (in the use of psychological tests) as defined by the Psychological Testing Centre (PTC) of the British Psychological Society.

  • Careers Advisers/Organisations who wish to register their services with TMO are required to have an Enhanced DBS Certificate issued within the last three years.

  • Access to dedicated help lines for IT, psychometric and careers guidance support are provided.  The majority of queries will be resolved within 24 hours. All queries will be acknowledged within 2 working days and resolved as soon as practically possible.

  • Maximum turn-round times for printed assessment reports:  

    • School guidance - 10 working days

    • Adult guidance - 5 working days

    • Commercial customers - 2 working days.


Customer Satisfaction and Consistency

  • As part of its commitment to upholding professional standards, TMO has implemented and constantly reviews policies to ensure that its application of test materials is consistent across all customer groups.

  • Customer feedback is collected continuously via Websites, telephone, and periodic user surveys. Constructive feedback is used to enhance products and services.



  • TMO seeks fair, just and prompt solutions where possible to any complaints. All such issues should be directed to for redirection to an appropriate member of staff for prompt attention.



  • Candidate data will be held for a maximum of 10 years after collection or 5 years after the candidate last viewed their data, whichever is greater.

  • All personal information will be held in strict confidence. TMO fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.  No such information will be released to any third party in a format that will allow identification except with the express consent of the provider or as may be required by law. 

  • TMO does not sell lists to third party marketing organisations.


New Product Development

  • Testing: All product developments and changes are tested prior to implementation, in accordance with the product specification. Full systems checks are conducted after significant upgrades.

  Updated: October 2018

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