How We Help

Deciding what you want to do after you leave school can be a massive challenge. At this stage, you may know what you want to do, you could have a few ideas, or you could really not know at all - whatever the case, your Morrisby Profile will meet you where you are at. We are here to inspire you and give you some guidance on how to choose a career and study options. Your Morrisby Profile is unique to you. It is based on your personal strengths and interests.


Our career and education planning tools are fully interactive. You are given personalised careers and education advice, helping you to choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities. We have information about traineeships, apprenticeships, diplomas/certificates, and degree courses. We also have a vast database of potential careers including salary expectations and the different routes to employment. Your access to your Morrisby Profile is life-long, so if you change your mind about the career path you are on, you can always come back for advice.

What Is Involved?

Basically, we use a series of assessments to find out what you’re good at, what you like doing, your planning style and approach to work, how you solve problems and what motivates you. Assessments may sound daunting but they are nothing to be alarmed about - they are a range of tests and questions that help us understand more about you so we can help you make the right choices. The tests do not measure what you have learnt but look at what you could do - your potential. No Shakespeare or Algebra involved.

What Steps Do I Take?

  1.  All journeys through Morrisby start with signing up online and then proceed to "Profiling". Profiling is how Morrisby uncovers how you think and what you enjoy. This profiling session takes about 105 minutes to finish and includes assessments for verbal, numerical, abstract, spatial and mechanical aptitudes. You'll get instructions for this from your school and likely do your test during school hours on campus.

  2. After completing profiling, you can view your unique careers profile. This helps you understand the sorts of careers and study choices that Morrisby will suggest.

  3. The next step is to meet with a career adviser to discuss your results. You can investigate details about particular career and subject options. You'll identify possible career paths and the study requirements for that career path.

  4. As you pick possible options, you build up a career plan for your future.

What Preparation Is Needed?

It is always a good idea to complete the Practice Questions so you understand the format of the assessments. These take about 10 minutes to do and are found here:

How can you get better test scores? It is difficult to increase your scores on aptitude tests. This is simply because they are looking at your underlying potential and not what you have learnt. However, some familiarity with the way the questions are posed will help to reduce anxiety and may mean that you do better, because you work quicker. We strongly suggest you do the practice questions.

Post-Test FAQ

I didn’t feel well/was having other problems when I was tested - will this have changed my results?

If you weren’t feeling well and couldn’t concentrate your results may well be lower than they should be. Similarly, Any recent stressful or traumatic incidents can affect test performance.This is something you will need to discuss when you have your feedback interview with the career adviser; and in a few cases a re-test may be the answer, but largely, we find that the general shape of your results will stay the same.


As for nerves - it’s usual to feel a little nervous at the start of a test. In fact it can be quite useful as it helps to tune up the senses and make you work quicker. However, too much anxiety will get in the way of you doing your best. Obviously we cannot alter your scores but you can discuss your feelings with your adviser when you have your feedback interview - he/she can then tell you what effect it might have had, if any.

Do people go into the jobs you suggest?

People go into jobs for all sorts of different reasons, and background, opportunity and luck can play a big part. However, that being said, we have conducted surveys that suggest that around 85% of school students go into courses that are linked to our career suggestions.

Can I redo the Interests questionnaire?

All of us at any age can change our interests but the younger you are, the more likely it is that your view of different work activities will change. If you think that the questionnaire does not reflect your current interests then it is possible to do it again. Your updated information can be merged into your original test data.

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