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Why Morrisby

Morrisby has been providing career guidance products for over 50 years and is a recognised force and segment leader in both the UK and Australia. In Australia, well over 500 schools and colleges use the Morrisby Profile. Our products collect career-relevant information efficiently and effectively and students and parents report extremely high levels of satisfaction around how well the results describe their strengths, talents, preferences, and personal style.

This information is then blended and used to generate career suggestions to support personal career research and career decision making.

In 2021 Morrisby launched a career interests only product (Morrisby Careers) and a system to develop and manage a whole school career education program (Morrisby Tracker). 

Career Analysts are the Australian and NZ distributors for Morrisby, responsible for product localisation, training, support, and sales.

To learn more about Morrisby Products, play this 90-second video.

Morrisby Product Information for Students and Parents

Morrisby offers three products. Morrisby Careers and Morrisby Tracker are designed only for schools and support of their career education and career guidance programs. For more information on these visit the Schools & Colleges tab.

The Morrisby Profile is also available via schools and colleges but unlike Careers and Tracker is available direct to individuals via a network of Morrisby Certified Career Practitioners.

The Morrisby Profile is the most comprehensive career exploration and decision-making tool from the Morrisby suite. It has supported a diverse range of individuals - students and adults - through career exploration and decision-making for over 50 years. This tool collects information on your aptitudes (strengths) career interests, values, personality type, and skills, then blends this information to generate well considered career and study suggestions. In conjunction with support and guidance from a qualified career practitioner, this is a great way to help you confidently determine your next step in education, training or work.

Career Education information for Schools & Colleges

Morrisby Profile, Careers and Tracker are designed to support schools with their career education and career guidance programmes. The products offer student insights and provide flexible and powerful management functionality, simple administration and much more. Explore the product sheets and introductory videos on the product specific pages for more information.

We know you have choices when deciding on a partner to deliver your career education and career guidance services and to really understand what is on offer from suppliers is a time consuming and multi-faceted exercise. We are here to help! Contact us today.


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