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The Morrisby Organisation is a world leading careers guidance company. Their products are Morrisby Profile, Morrisby Careers and Morrisby Tracker.


Career Analysts, based in Victoria, have been the Morrisby distributor in Australia and New Zealand since 2003.

An overview is provided in this short video.

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Students & Parents

Career Analysts offer three products to schools and colleges, one of which is also available to individuals. This is the comprehensive Morrisby Profile, which has been supporting people - students and adults - through career exploration and decision making for over 50 years.

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Schools & Colleges

Career Analysts supply Australian specific versions of 3 Morrisby products: Morrisby Profile, Morrisby Careers and Morrisby Tracker. All are designed to support schools with their career education and career guidance programmes. The products offer student insights and provide flexible  management, simple administration and much more. Explore the product sheets and introductory videos for more information

Career Analysts is the Australian distributor for The Morrisby Organisation, who set and manage Terms & Conditions, Privacy PolicyData RetentionData ProtectionQuality Service & Ethics and ensure compliance with UK GDPR regulations.

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