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Morrisby Profile - Comprehensive Career Profiling

The Morrisby Profile provides much of the information and the research tools needed to identify career direction and pathways to get there. It is a career decision support tool. The Morrisby Profile service is the most widely used aptitude based careers assessment in Australia (67,000+p.a in 2022).

Career profiling is how Morrisby uncovers how students think and what they are interested in. This could be anything from their preferred subjects, training and study to uncover career opportunities.

The Morrisby Profile has been designed to help guide students in their academic and professional pursuits. The detailed insight into abilities, personality preferences as well as the environment will provide a student with all they need for success!

The Morrisby Profile builds on Morrisby Careers as it also includes aptitude and personality measures. The Aptitudes, in particular, bring insight and objectivity to the decision-making process not available from questionnaires alone.

Discover how Morrisby Profile can help you

A key benefit of implementing the Morrisby Profile is its ability to improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of your work as a career practitioner. The Morrisby Profile introduces objective information into a subjective situation. Using multiple information sources (aptitudes/interests/personality) inevitably provides you with more insight into the individual than using any one of these on their own.

With a login for life, a student's preferences can be updated at any time, ensuring that their Morrisby Profile is current and reflects changing preferences.


Discover more about our platform with this short video or view our FAQ's.

Morrisby Profile Overview

Morrisby Profile Overview

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Students Get - Career Profiling Insights 

  • 100-minute assessment of aptitudes, career interests, and personality

  • Optional completion of questionnaires on work values and  study interests

  •  Graphical and text interpretation of their results with PDF report available

  • ​  Access to a careers database with "best fit" careers and study areas suggested based on strengths, personal style and interests.

  • ​"Focus on" tool allowing students to view their career suggestions from different perspectives

  • ​Action planning tool – allowing students to create and mark the completion of goals as part of a careers action plan.​

  • Locker – a place to upload and store career-related documents as well as keep notes

  • ​Careers interview wizard – preparing students for their careers interview by asking them a series of questions.

  • Lifetime access to their Morrisby Profile as long as they login every 5 years.

  •  Ability to recomplete assessments as many times as they wish means their profile is always up to date

  • Schools, in addition, have access to comprehensive management console providing all the functionality they might need.

  • As a bonus, schools that use Morrisby Profile with an entire cohort have access to Morrisby Careers for free, allowing them to introduce careers to younger cohorts.

Morrisby Profile Quick Overview: Comprehensive Career Profiling

Morrisby Profile Quick Overview: Comprehensive Career Profiling

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Morrisby Profile Training & Pricing

TRAINING is required to use the Morrisby Profile for career guidance.

It is strongly recommended that anyone intending to use the Morrisby

Profile completes their own profile in addition to the mandatory
online training. A school must have at least one Morrisby Certified user.

Both full training and a short course for those involved in subject selection

are available

PRICING is $50 per completed report (inc GST). Invoicing is in arrears.

You use the product and at the start of each month Career Analysts will

invoice you for profiles completed the previous month. Schools who

use the Morrisby Profile for 90%+ of a cohort also have free access

to Morrisby Careers.

Product Sheet for Morrisby Profile 

Morrisby Profile is our flagship service and is trusted by over 1,000 schools around the world including 550+ in Australia. It provides the most detailed insight into abilities, personality and preferences to help guide students to make the best possible decisions.

It helps students in identifying strengths, achieving goals, raising aspirations and finding the right path.

For students, it comes with detailed insight into abilities, preferences, personality, and work styles aspirational career, study area suggestions and much more.


For teachers and advisors, it comes with a management system to track student progress and manage records, custom groups to make it easy to track vulnerable students, specific sets such as “Medicine” or “VET” and much more.

For schools it comes with facilitates option choices at 16 and 18+, assurance of using a matrix accredited organisation and much more. (19).jpg
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