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How Morrisby Profile helps students choose the right careers

The Morrisby Profile provides a detailed insight into abilities, personality and preferences to help guide students to make the best possible decisions. Through about 100 minutes of timed aptitude assessments and multiple choice questionnaires, a Profile is prepared offering fascinating insight into inner strengths and abilities, preferences, motivations, and personality type. Career and further study suggestions are provided, drawing from a database of over 650 different careers.

Morrisby Overview

Morrisby Overview

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In Australia it is not possible to simply pay for a Morrisby Profile and receive your results without working through a Morrisby Certified career adviser. This person will be able to unpack the results with you and add value in other ways. 

If your school/college offers the Morrisby Profile the contact would be your Career Adviser. However, if you are looking for an independent careers adviser to help you navigate the completion of the profile and unpacking of the results please contact an adviser on the Find a Career Adviser page.​

Want to hear more from students, parents, careers practitioners, and our directors? You can learn what we're about by watching the video here.