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The Morrisby Profile provides a detailed insight into abilities, personality and preferences to help guide career changers to make the best possible decisions when it comes to choosing a new career path. Through about 100 minutes of timed aptitude assessments and multiple choice questionnaires, a Profile is prepared, offering fascinating insight into your inner strengths and abilities, preferences, motivations, and personality. Career and further study suggestions are provided, drawing from a database of over 650 different careers.

Morrisby Profile Overview

Morrisby Profile Overview

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Learn More About Morrisby Profile

The Morrisby Profile is here to help you find
your true career direction using scientific profiling of
abilities, personality, and interests. The results identify and articulate

your own strengths, personal style and preferences.

With this awareness, you are better equipped to make

great choices when it comes to moving to a new industry, considering

further education, finding apprenticeships or traineeships,

or discovering new roles within your current industry.

Morrisby has been providing careers services for more
than 50 years and is trusted by over 1,500 schools
worldwide and many private career practitioners.

Ready to redefine your future?

Morrisby Profile is available as a part of a personalised careers service. It is not possible to simply pay for a Morrisby Profile and receive your results without working through a Morrisby Certified career adviser. This person will be able to unpack the results with you and add value in other ways. Please contact an adviser on our location-based Find a Career Adviser page.​ Many offer flexible modes of delivery for your follow-up interview while the testing itself is entirely online.
For Victorian career changers, you can seek help from a career adviser through the Jobs Victoria Career Counsellors Service or through a private practitioner.

“I was unhappy in my previous job role and felt it just wasn’t for me. Morrisby made me realise it’s never too late to change direction and helped me discover a new industry and role that I absolutely love!”


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