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Morrisby Careers - Career Assessment Made Easy

Morrisby Careers is a questionnaire-based system for ages 11 and above. It comprises multiple choice questionnaires measuring career interests, work values and study interests.


These simple yet powerful assessments match students’ individual interests and preferences to specific careers and course areas, analysing results against more than 650 careers.

High-level overview of Morrisby Careers

Quick system demonstration for career advisers

Students Receive - Career assessment that gets you started

  • Graphical and text interpretation of their results with PDF report available

  • Access to a careers database with "best fit" careers and study areas suggested

  • Action planning tool – allowing students to create goals as part of a careers action plan and record completion

  • Locker – a place to upload and store career-related documents as well as keep notes

  • Careers interview wizard – preparing students for their careers interview by asking them a series of questions​

Schools, in addition, have access to:

  • Management console for sorting and reporting results

  • Lesson plans

  • Comprehensive support portal​​

These 2 videos are designed for use with students prior to when they complete the questionnaire (Introducing Aspirations) and make sense of their results (Morrisby Careers Unpacking). 

College Classroom

Morrisby Careers Training & Pricing

PRICING - Available via an annual, cohort-based licence. All students in the school may access MC within this licence, not just those in the nominated cohort.


The annual charges for schools/colleges are:

  • < 350 students in a cohort: $165+ (Nominated cohort size x $5.50)

  • 350+ students in a cohort: $2,500

TAFEs/Universities: please contact us to discuss a fair price based on    expected usage.

Morrisby Careers is free for schools who profile 90%+ of a cohort with the Morrisby Profile

TRAINING - There is no formal training required to access Morrisby Careers.

A range of support materials are available including: Pre-assessment video (Aimed at students) Post-assessment video – unpacking your results (Aimed at students) Morrisby Manager navigation videos.


Phone/Zoom support and induction discussions get you up to speed quickly

Product Sheet for Morrisby Careers 

Morrisby Careers is an effective way of identifying students career interests in order to facilitate focused career research. 

Ideal for individual and classroom delivery and packaged with Lesson Plans to help kickstart career research at your school/college


For students : comes with immediate results on completion of a short interests-based questionnaire, aspirational career and subject suggestions matched to the individual, and much more


For teachers and advisers : comes with a management system to track student progress, extensive reporting and analysis tools, custom groups to make it easy to track vulnerable students, specific sets such as “Medicine” or “VET”, note taking and meeting notes held with student results, and much more.

For schools : Cost effective annual licence, action planning tools, reporting and analysis, subject selection support 

Find out more about the range of complementary Morrisby products here:

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