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  • Do I need to provide permission for my child to complete the Morrisby Profile?
    You may be asked for permission for your child to complete the Morrisby Careers or Profile. This permission request should include a statement of who will access your child’s results – typically those involved in their career decision-making at school.
  • What are the assessments like?
    A list of the timed assessments included in the Morrisby Profile including descriptions can be found in the sample Morrisby Profile Report on page 5. If you would like to see more detail on the question content you are welcome to complete the practice questions. In addition to timed assessments there are a number of untimed multiple choice questionnaires. These include personality, career interests, and work values assessments. Such questionnaire results are more susceptible to change over time than aptitude test results and may be re-completed by the student as their ideas change over time.
  • I’m not sure that completing the timed assessments are in my child’s best interests - what should I do?
    Speak to the school about this if you have concerns. For the vast majority of students in mainstream schools it is reasonable for them to complete the timed aptitude assessments. If not, it is possible to complete the untimed questionnaires by themselves and have the option to complete the timed assessments at another time (or not). This needs to be organised in advance, so you should speak to your child's careers practitioner or other responsible person at school.
  • Do I get a copy of the report?
    Parents are not automatically provided with student results unless agreed in advance with the school. Students have the ability to share their results with parents/guardians and are encouraged to do so. Who is provided with access to student results is the responsibility of the Morrisby-certified careers practitioner at the school in conjunction with the senior management team. The results are primarily presented in an online, interactive website so the main output is not a printed report. A PDF report may be downloaded by the school or students, and a physical copy of the PDF report is sometimes provided.
  • What happens in a year or two when interests change? Can we still access the results?
    Lifetime access to results is provided – as long as students login to Morrisby at least every 5 years. They can continue researching careers, recomplete some questionnaires and complete further questionnaires. The interface is interactive and powerful without being directive or limiting the options suggested. One questionnaire is specifically designed for Year 12 so it is usual to re-visit the website in Year 12 to complete this, even when the initial assessment was completed in Year 9 or Year 10.
  • Does my child have a feedback interview post-assessment?
    A 1:1 feedback should be available with no further charge, upon request. Not all schools offer this as a default. Some offer generalised feedback in groups, a parent evening (or a video to help parents understand the results) or refer to the Morrisby Profile at subject selection time. The results may be revisited several times in the senior years of school, and in particular in Year 12.
  • What if the results do not reflect my child?
    Sometimes students do not relate to their results. If this is the case then speak to your school's careers practitioner about this. Sometimes assessments need to be recompleted with a different mindset (which is free of charge) or perhaps the results need to be discussed more fully and placed in context. A 2019 survey with almost 5,000 respondents found that when asked, "My assessment results identified my aptitudes, interests, and personality", students responded as follows: 46% strongly agreed, 49% agreed, 3% disagreed, 2% strongly disagreed.
  • Can my child lead or change the results?
    Yes, to some extent. Your child can change the default settings in the system to weight the impact of Aptitudes, Interest, Personality differently when generating a list of career suggestions. They can change the default academic attainment levels to see how a different level of education generates a different range of careers. They can also approach the career interest questionnaire with a mindset focused on a specific career, making it more likely that this career is suggested. Importantly, the Morrisby Profile focuses on the pattern of aptitude scores to suggest a direction of strengths or natural abilities. This information cannot be led, so forms an objective view of your child.
  • Does the Morrisby Profile tell my child what they should do?
    The Morrisby Profile does not tell your child what they should do. It identifies a range of careers and study areas which suit a blend of their aptitudes, interests, and personality – then provides them with the tools to explore and refine their list of suggestions based on a range of factors including expected academic attainment. These results are one view of a person and career guidance is a holistic process. The results support career decision-making alongside other available information, and should be used as a guide and discussion tool only.
  • Is Morrisby Profile an Australian instrument?
    While the model and theory were developed in Australia, The Morrisby Organisation is UK based. They provide services in Australia and New Zealand via an agent: Career Analysts Pty. Ltd. Career Analysts have distributed Morrisby products since 2003 and are responsible for localised career information, links to further information, support and certified training. The Morrisby Organisation provides the assessment and enforces policies around Privacy, Data Retention, Data Protection. Further detail at the bottom of their website.
  • How do I know that the instrument is of good quality?
    The Morrisby Organisation is matrix-accredited. This is an international quality standard for organisations that deliver information, advice and/or guidance. More information is available here. All timed assessments meet industry standards for reliability and validity. By their nature the timed aptitude tests are more reliable than multiple choice questionnaires.
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